Costco Wholesale Joins Effort to Eliminate Anti-Competitive Liquor Laws

AUSTIN – Costco Wholesale Corporation, a membership warehouse club with twenty-five stores and over seven thousand employees in Texas, has joined Texans for Consumer Freedom (TCF) in supporting legislation that would eliminate anti-competitive provisions of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code.  Costco joins TCF alongside Kroger, Walmart, the Texas Association of Business, the Texas Consumer Association, and the Texas Retailers Association, among others.

“Costco proudly stands with Texans for Consumer Freedom in its efforts to eliminate the unusual Texas spirits laws that artificially restrict competition and prevent us from directly serving our over 1.3 million Texas members,” said Executive Vice President Dennis Zook.  “Texas law allows private corporations to own liquor stores but prohibits publicly traded companies, like Costco, from doing so.  Costco does not own the liquor stores adjacent to the warehouses on our properties.  This legislation will allow us to sell directly to our members, with greater convenience and the value they have come to expect from us.”

“Texas is the only state in the nation that allows private companies to participate in the retail sale of spirits but prohibits publicly traded companies from doing so,” said Texans for Consumer Freedom spokesman Travis Thomas.  “We are glad to be joined by Costco in our efforts to level the playing field for the retail sale of spirits so Texas consumers receive the choice, convenience and lower prices competition provides.”

Thomas added, “We encourage the legislature to stand up for free markets and fair competition by supporting this important legislation.”


Texans for Consumer Freedom is a registered 501(c)(6) education and advocacy organization of retailers, consumers, and free market advocates committed to eliminating anti-competitive aspects of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code and standing up for fair competition in the retail sale of spirits. For more information, visit

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