Private and Public Retailers Stand Behind Eliminating Anti-Competitive TABC Laws Texas Retailers Association Promotes Passage of SB 609 and HB 1225

AUSTIN – The Texas Retailers Association (TRA), an organization representing every segment of the retail industry throughout Texas, has joined Texans for Consumer Freedom (TCF) in supporting legislation that would eliminate anti-competitive provisions of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code. TRA joins alongside Kroger, Walmart, the Texas Association of Business, the Texas Consumer Association, Americans for Prosperity, R Street Institute, and the Institute for Policy Innovation.

“Our membership consists of private and public companies who compete against each other in the marketplace, and they collectively agree that a level playing field is paramount to a successful retail sector,” said President and CEO Ronnie Volkening. “Protectionist laws that prohibit publicly traded companies from owning package liquor stores are contrary to a free market system that should reward hard work, quality products, and great customer service. Eliminating anti-competitive laws is the right thing to do for Texas retailers and their customers.”

“As an organization whose broad membership includes small neighborhood stores to large retail chains, TRA’s support for this legislation is very meaningful,” said Texans for Consumer Freedom spokesman Travis Thomas. “Their endorsement sends the clear signal that protectionist measures that exclude public companies from competing are out of step with Texas free market values.

“Texas is the only state in the nation that allows private corporations to compete in the retail sale of spirits while prohibiting publicly traded companies from doing so,” Thomas added. “We encourage the legislature to stand up for free markets and fair competition by supporting these important bills.”


Texans for Consumer Freedom is a registered 501(c)(6) education and advocacy organization of retailers, consumers, and free market advocates committed to eliminating anti-competitive aspects of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code and standing up for fair competition in the retail sale of spirits. For more information, visit

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