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I am writing today to encourage you to support removing anti-competitive language in the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code and to stand up for fair competition in the retail sale of spirits in Texas.

Texas is the ONLY state in the nation that allows privately owned corporations to own liquor stores while prohibiting publicly traded corporations from doing so.  In addition, Texas law prevents any individual from holding more than 5 liquor store permits, but provides a loophole that has allowed a handful of powerful families to consolidate their permits and establish liquor store cartels that dominate market share across the state.

The State of Texas is picking winners and losers in private industry, stifling competition and consumer choice for the benefit and enrichment of a few.  As your constituent, I support economic freedom in the marketplace and a level playing field for all, and I reject special laws and loopholes that allow a privileged group of families’ private liquor store chains to be protected by the state.

I care about this issue, and I encourage you to oppose policies that artificially restrain competition while depriving consumers of the choice and convenience free markets should provide.

[Recipient’s title] [Recipient’s name] I would like to hear how you plan to address this important free market issue.

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