Texans for Consumer Freedom Applauds Court Decision Striking Down Unfair Texas Liquor Laws

AUSTIN –– Today, U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman issued a decision striking down Texas laws that have prevented publicly traded corporations from obtaining package store permits and selling liquor in Texas. Texans for Consumer Freedom spokesperson Travis Thomas responded to the decision as follows:

“We applaud Judge Pitman’s decision that these unfair Texas laws violate the U.S. Constitution.  For decades, these laws have stood in stark contrast to Texas values. The State of Texas should not pick winners and losers in private industry.”

Texas is the only state in the nation that issues package store permits to privately owned corporations, but refuses to allow publicly owned corporations to participate in the retail liquor market.  Texas is also the only state that gives certain favored businesses unlimited numbers of package store permits while limiting everyone else to only five.


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